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Donkoh A and V Attoh-Kotoku Nutritive value of feedstuffs for poultry in Ghana: chemical composition, apparent metabolizable energy and ileal amino acid digestibility.
Maximizing milk components and metabolizable protein utilization through amino acid formulation.
The cost of replacing blood removed by engorging adult female ticks as a percent of the daily metabolizable energy requirement of moose calves.
These seasonal changes in efficiency resulted in up to 4% increases in gross energy requirements during the autumn, winter, and spring in relation to summer (independent of seasonal changes in metabolizable energy requirements).
Metabolizable energy requirement for starting barrow pigs (15 to 30 kg) fed on the ideal protein concept based diets.
The use of manioc for pig diets is important because of its high composition of carbohydrates, being and excellent source of metabolizable energy.
The readily metabolizable compounds are found in lower concentrations in body organs and tissues, where they will accumulate only after passing through the liver and thus after being metabolized.
We estimate costs of antlers, milk, and uterine development, in addition to seasonal changes in basal metabolism to derive the minimum density of metabolizable protein and energy required in the diet during late winter, summer, and autumn.
The final product after the completion of bioremediation will be metabolizable intermediates of normal aerobic and anaerobic cycles, which operate in natural environments, with an ultimate breakdown to carbon dioxide and water.
Effects of metabolizable energy and balanced protein on egg production, quality, and components of Lohmann Brown laying hens.
Nutritional values for the formulated diet were obtained from standard laboratory analyses of dried samples, performed at Eurofins Scientific Inc (Des Moines, IA, USA), for amino acid profile and levels of [beta]-carotene, total vitamin A, and total vitamin E, and at the Palmer Research Center, University of Alaska (Palmer, AK, USA), for predicted metabolizable energy and levels of crude protein, crude fat, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, copper, zinc, manganese, and iron.
0405 Chemical Analysis (%) Metabolizable Energy 3100 3100 3100 (Kcal [Kg.