metal ceiling

pressed-metal ceiling

A sheet-metal ceiling embossed in a decorative pattern; usually coated with a layer of tin and lead or a coat of paint primer as a protection against oxidation; much used on the ceilings of stores after about 1875, especially during the early part of the 20th century.
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Its product offering combines ROCKFON stone wool and specialty metal ceiling panels with Chicago Metallic suspension systems.
ADIC headquarters: The metal ceiling tiles incorporate an acoustic pad and plasterboard
In a commercial office environment apertures for luminaires in metal ceiling systems can be formed during manufacturing stage and other M&E services such as sprinklers and air conditioning to leave a flush ceiling line.
Once installed, metal ceiling products offer an inert and inherently hardwearing surface, making them both hygienic and a low-maintenance option.
A 20-cm deep, double-layer metal ceiling is attached to the curving balconies that wrap around two sides of the six-story building.
Architects Penoyre & Prasad selected SAS metal ceiling tiles to use in all classroom, office and circulation areas, and parts of the public library, to provide a good acoustic absorption co-efficient and a robust solution for these particular areas.
Unlike the just-ended first quarter of 2006 during which the metal ceiling on aluminum had essentially no effect on our ability to pass through metal costs to customers, our cost for aluminum in the second and third quarters will be in excess of the price ceilings," Wise Metals Group Treasurer Ken Stastny says.
These systems use either insulated metal ceiling panels with water tubing bonded to them or exposed metal panels called valances.
Ratcliff added a perforated metal ceiling at 16 feet and directed interior lights up into the cavity.
A metal ceiling track bordered by wood strips is the only hint that the space can be closed off.
The Columbus, Ohio based company is North America's premier value-added steel processor and a leader in manufactured metal products such as light gauge steel framing for commercial and residential construction; framing systems and stairs for mid-rise buildings; pressure cylinder products such as propane, oxygen and helium tanks, hand torches, camping cylinders, and scuba tanks; current and past model automotive service stampings; metal ceiling grid systems; steel pallets and racks; and laser welded blanks.
The proportion of mineral fiber ceiling is approximately 5 400 m2, on hardboard ceiling about 300 m2, on plasterboard ceilings and 610 m2 of metal ceiling ca.