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a nickel and metal plating facility located in Chicopee, MA, is touting its black nickel P.
The company markets precious metal plating processes for both electronic goods and semiconductors throughout Asia.
an innovative metal plating facility located in Chicopee, MA, is nearing the completion of a two-year exemption of a scheduled Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspection as an honored participant in the organization's Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP).
Poly-Ond is a dry, durable, and slippery coating that offers a range of unique performance properties unmatched by any other metal plating technology.
Part of a comprehensive line of electrical contact products and related materials and services, AMI DODUCO's precious and non-precious metal plating capabilities support a variety of electrical, electronic and decorative applications.
Massachusetts-based metal plating company releases specification sheet for its multitude of plating processes
At issue is whether the state should lower limits for hexavalent chromium, a heavy metal used by metal plating firms that can lead to cancer, in drinking water.
a provider of metal plating, powder coating and skiving services.
The company is currently installing over 90 processing tanks that will enable it to provide metal plating services that utilize nickel, tin, copper, cadium and all pretreatment for aluminum and steel as well as a titanium etch process by the end of July, 2012.
Blevins also recommended that the agencies determine whether treatment could remove enough of the heavy metal, and he proposed a review of 26 metal plating firms in the Valley that might be contaminating the water supply.
Today the formation was announced of a government/industry association specializing in surface finishing and metal plating.
Both compounds were once widely used in industries like aerospace and defense manufacturing, machinery degreasing, dry-cleaning and metal plating, EPA officials said.

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