metal-clad cable

armored cable, metal-clad cable

Two or more individually insulated electric conductors having a common outer protective covering of metal. Also see BX.
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Southwire and its subsidiaries produce building wire and cable, metal-clad cable, portable and electronic cord products, utility cable products and OEM wire products.
Nasdaq: AFCX) announces opening of a manufacturing and distribution facility in Cambridge, Ohio, for armored and metal-clad cable.
The third building in the Industrial Park will continue to house manufacturing of the company's core products, armored and metal-clad cable.
market leader in armored and metal-clad cable, AFC Cable Systems also manufactures flexible steel, aluminum, and nonmetallic conduit.
We have achieved consistent, profitable growth by continually enhancing our core product lines of armored and metal-clad cable with specialized cables, fittings, modular wiring systems, and other associated products," said Ralph R.
Building Code Compliance Office to expand the acceptance of metal-clad cable, which reduces wiring cost by 30 - 50 percent, according to the National Armored Cable Manufacturers Association (NACMA), based here.
is a leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of electrical distribution products, including armored and metal-clad cable, and modular wiring systems including voice and data, flexible conduit, and armored-cable fittings.
This new green armored cable is an addition to the red, metal-clad cable which AFC Cable System introduced three years ago for the fire protection industry.