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After chemical analyses the metallographic structure was given.
Metallographic Contest will be held in the following six scopes:
in all places on metallographic cut degree of orientation was in very good coincidence with numeric simulated effective strains with exception of area in the
The author then presents the results ofhis metallographic investigations: they show that there is a remarkable uniformity in casting technology from the fifih to the third millennium BC in that pure copper was cast most probably in closed moulds and was then finished by either hotworking or repeated anneallng and cold-working.
2 represents the experimental procedure of coating deposition, heat treatment, and metallographic specimen preparation for the image analysis.
Micro-hardness testing devices are inbuilt in metallographic microscopes or they are used as stand-alone devices.
This permits microscopic examinations of metallographic specimens and samples made of polymers or other materials.
Regardless of the fact that the structure of the metal in conventional metallographic investigations was satisfactory and contained only a small number of nonmetallic inclusions, the metal could not be forged.
com and features: universal testing machines, hardness testers, impact testers, drop weight tear testers, metallographic equipment, sheet metal testers, fatigue testing machines, sample preparation equipment, XRF and AAS spectrometers, profile projectors, surface roughness testers and ultrasonic thickness gauges.
Examples of specific topics include systematic examination of metallographic methods for detection of primary steel texture, environmentally acceptable pre-treatment of zinc with alkyl diphosophonates for corrosion protection, qualitative and quantitative fractographic analysis of dynamically impacted Si3N4 ceramics, bulk ultrafine-grained nickel consolidated from nanopowders, hyberbolic model based data evaluation for magnetic nondestructive evaluation measurements, computer aided measuring of textile-mechanical parameters, analysis of mechanical behavior tendon implant by using numerical method, electropolishing of coronary stents, and laser cutting of high precision tubes.
Samples for microscopic examinations were prepared by standard metallographic procedures, etched with Keller's agent and examined under optical microscope.