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Tenders are invited for Request For Quotation For Supply Of 30,000 Dmt Low Ash Metallurgical Coke On Total Delivered Cost Basis For Use In Kiocl Blast Furnace Unit At Mangalore, India
Iron ore is a critical raw material in the iron making process and, when combined with metallurgical coke and limestone in a blast furnace, molten iron is produced - the first step in the steelmaking process.
Also, 187,000 tons of metal and mineral products, including 126,433 tons of steel products, 55,000 tons of iron ore, 30,990 tons of copper, 140 tons of molybdenum concentrate, 23 kg of gold bullion, 6 tons of precious metals concentrates, 200 tons of metallurgical coke and 1,240 tons of aluminum with the total value of $89mln were traded in the IME domestic and exports halls in the last week.
At a recent conference for the metallurgical coke supply chain, this question was posed when discussing the U.
The expansion coincides with release of a study suggesting that the carbon footprint of anthracite is smaller than that of traditional metallurgical coke.
Basic customs duty on metallurgical coke has been increased from Nil to 2.
This is the second tender released by HADISOLB in 2013 to import metallurgical coke (same quantity).
5m) term loan, INR90m cash credit and INR400m letter of credit of Indian low-ash metallurgical coke manufacturer Vinayak Iron and Coke Pvt Ltd.
The Company also produces steam coal and industrial coal, anthracite, metallurgical coke and coal bed methane gas.
Tarwada International Steel Manufacturing LLC sells hot-rolled flats from India, China, South Korea, European and CIS countries, square billet from Russia and Ukraine, metallurgical coke ex-Far East.
Based on their experience, the authors consider that the morphology and the fine (crystalline) structure of the metallurgical coke is a significant parameters for assessing its technological performances and, implicitly, its environment impact.
The plant produces metallurgical coke which is used by a range of customers from chemical producers to specialist steel manufacturers.