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A reaction involving the exchange of elements or groups as in the general equation AX + BY → AY + BX.



one of the types of combinative sound changes, consisting of the transposition of sounds or syllables within a word.

Metathesis is found:

  1. In historical phonetic changes; for example, Russian lo- replaced Common Slavic ol- at the beginning of a word, as in Old Russian lodiia, “boat.”
  2. In the borrowing of words from other languages; for example, Ket garnitsa from Russian granitsa, “border.”
  3. In morphophonological alternations; for example, Georgian Su&qmetl, “fifteen” (not SquSmetl ), from qu&l, “five.”

Metathesis is especially common in substandard (colloquial or dialectal) speech; for example, Russian substandard perelinka for the standard pelerinka, “pelerine,” “cape,” by analogy with the prefix pere-. Metathesis may take place when sounds occur in close proximity (for example, Russian mramor from Latin marmor, “marble”) or when they occur at a distance (for example, Russian futliar from German Futteral, “case”). A special kind of metathesis is quantitative metathesis, whereby the quantitative characteristics (length) of sounds are exchanged, while their qualitative characteristics are retained (as in the Greek transformation of teos to teos).

Metathesis is used in literature for humorous effects (for example, S. Marshak’s poem “How Absentminded He Is”).


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XiMo is a Swiss-based company focused on the development and application of proprietary metathesis catalysts for use in the specialty chemical, agro chemical, renewables, pharmaceutical, flavors and fragrances, polymers and advanced materials sectors.
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Propylene Production via Metathesis is available at established distribution channels like Amazon.
Schrock demonstrated how metathesis can be used to produce components of the insect's pheromone, which are dispersed into the orchard to thwart the species' attempts to reproduce.
The physical and chemical properties of metathesis ILs are similar to those of the alkylation ILs but the range of structure of metathesis ILs is likely to be different from those of alkylation ILs constituted only by discrete anions.
But there one would expect the change -d- > -l- to have occurred before the metathesis even though there is no supporting evidence from Dardic.
The extent of metathesis in the two poems shows, expectedly, approximately the same distribution.
Locally metathesis led to Birmingham becoming pronounced as Brimingham and at a later date Strutley as Sturtley.
Note that the child has consistently produced only C1-C2 sequences involving labials followed by alveolars (see bitte among her first words, Mann, Ball, Brille among her later words), this also being the presumed motoric-plan basis for the metathesis of Lampe to [bal].
Professor Grubbs, awarded the 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work in the development of the metathesis method in organic synthesis, delivered a lecture to mark the opening of the centre's new laboratory.
The OCU will have capacity of more than 750,000 t/y and will be used for olefin metathesis to turn n-butenes and ethylene into propylene.