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Abdul Wahid added that caning under Shariah also required that the sentence be carried out before witnesses to ensure it was meted out properly.
Not surprisingly, Claire's parents are far from happy with the sentence meted out to their daughter's killer and are demanding tougher sentences for killer drivers.
Peoples Plus has about 40,000 customers on the Duquesne Light system in western Pennsylvania and about 10,000 customers on the Penelec and MetEd systems in central Pennsylvania.
A wrenchingly intimate look at how South Africa's postapartheid society has meted out compassion rather than rough justice--or "restoration instead of retribution," as TRC chairman Desmond Tutu has put it--the 94-minute film took 2 1/2 years and eight trips to the African nation to complete.
The strongest argument of all is the deep pain and grief of the families of victims, and their quite natural desire to see punishment meted out to those who have plunged them into such agony," the report continues.
Housing Court should be a level playing field where justice under law is meted out to owners and tenants alike.
Less constructive was the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission's (PUC) January 2007 order in MetEd and PenElec's rate case.
ISLAMABAD -- Treasury benches in senate have described the budget for the financial year 2014-15 balanced and on the other hand opposition has termed the budget pro-Punjab saying discriminatory treatment is being meted out to other provinces in the budget.
Javed Hashmi was meted out same treatment what former president Pervez Musharraf meted out to Dr Abdul Qadir Khan, he remarked.
Dutt said that he was hurt by the treatment meted out to Amar Singh by some of the party functionaries.
Speaking at a conference organised by the Crown Prosecution Service at Charlton's The Valley stadium, PFA senior executive Nick Cusack, a professional for 15 years, said the abuse meted out to those in his profession had reached breaking point.
Initiations and punishments are meted out in rough beatings -- 18 seconds of kicking and clubbing fellow gang members.