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On drawings, abbr. for “metal.”
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If the guarantee is established by bank transfer, the transfer will be made to the account of the contracting authority, Alba Iulia Treasury account opened RO07TREZ0025006XXX006113 benefit Metes Hall, CUI 4562150.
With Metes and Bounds, Quinn has created a strong candidate for inclusion in that canon.
A more controversial result has been pricing discrimination that metes out the lowest fares to the most flexible passengers.
This is considered a high match rate in light of the number of incomplete, incorrect and missing legal descriptions encountered in the typical title order and the complexity of matching a parcel which is described by metes and bounds.
00 Lei Estimated Costs for Providing Resources for Financing the Investment Objective of Local Interest Developed in the Commune Metes
Wong likes to speak of how his employees enjoy their life in the compound, but this delusional man becomes most animated when speaking of the punishments he metes out to keep his workers churning out the requisite tons of beads per day.
Allen & Hoshall will develop parcelization plans for the major theme components of the resort, along with metes and bounds and topographic surveys for each parcel.