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in ancient Greece, aliens, including freed slaves, who had settled in a city-state. Most of the information available to modern scholars concerns the Athenian metics.

Although the metics were personally free, they had no political rights, were not allowed to marry Athenian citizens, and, as a rule, could not own real property. Each metic was obliged to have an Athenian citizen as a guardian or patron, pay a special metic tax to the state (12 drachmas a year for a man and six for a woman), and register with the deme (local government body) of his place of residence. The metics were subject to military service and, like Athenian citizens, had to pay the eisphora, a special war tax. Some metics were wealthy slaveholders, merchants, shipowners, or owners of handicraft shops. The liturgy (leitourgia, a public service or office) was imposed on wealthy metics, as well as on wealthy Athenians. In the fifth and fourth centuries B.C. a considerable proportion of the urban population of Athens was made up of metics, who played an important role in the economy of the city-state. The status of the metics varied, depending on the city-state.


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Metics and the Athenian Phialai-Inscriptions: A Study in Athenian Epigraphy and Law.
By Book 8, he turns away from familiar critiques about democratic assemblies and identifies the epistemological problem democracy introduces, namely, that a radical equality may entail the incapacity to assess who rules, to decide who - metic, slave, woman, Cyclops, horse - is inside and who is outside the city.
We're the underdogs, 100% (against Gilas Pilipinas), Metic told Filipino scribes late Tuesday after qualifying to the knockout stages of the Fiba Asia Championship here.
14) These women were sometimes citizens, but were most frequently metics who had either moved to Athens voluntarily or who were freed slaves.
Evidence based articles have reported better cos- metic results of staples closure compared to those of suture repair.
Takin as its draw blend battle year's reson metic was a depaKV 2KASABIAN Velociraptor
Further evidence of deme territoriality is the official formula for identifying metics (metic's name + [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] + name of a deme) used for the collection of a poll tax ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), the granting of concessions, and various other official accounts involving resident aliens.
Scheduled for introduction in March 1999, the latest line-up will feature more powerful and efficient five-valve V8 engines, suspension revisions for improved ride and handling, cos metic enhancements and specification upgrades throughout.
But sceptics will worry that a commercially driven scheme will simply succeed in burying the station even more comprehensively than at present, while delivering only cos metic improvements for travellers.
This evidence has the further advantage of extending over a considerable period, from the time of the ex-slave Pasion's owners at the end of the fifth century through Pasion's own management of the bank both as metic and citizen, to that of his ex-slave Phormio, whom we last hear of in the 350s as manager of his own bank.
He does not regard this as problematic and is simply assuming a normal fact of everyday life in the ancient world, where there were large disfranchised metic communities in cities such as Athens.