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The smallest SD flash memory card. Introduced in 2005 and widely used in smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices, microSD is electrically and software compatible with the full-size SD card. All the SD micro versions, including the microSD, microSDHC (High Capacity) and microSDXC (Extended Capacity) have been widely used.

By 2015, tiny microSDXC cards reached 512GB, greatly surpassing the storage capacities of the mini formats. In the past, SanDisk referred to microSD as TransFlash (T-Flash). See SD Card and gruvi card.

The Smartphone Slot
The microSD format is widely used in smartphones and tablets. To gain access to the microSD slot in this Android phone, the back of the case is removed.

Adapters Make microSD Universal
As shown here, a microSD card can slip into an adapter and plug into a full-size SD slot. Other adapters let microSD cards plug into miniSD slots and USB ports.

A Tad Smaller
Remember floppies? It would take 21,000 floppy disks to hold as much as this 32GB microSD, and 32GB is by no means the largest size. A 512GB microSD holds the equivalent of 336,000 floppies. For details, see floppy disk.
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The microSD Duplicator line comes with a powerful software package.
Toshiba rounds out its latest additions with a 2GB microSD Card, reinforcing its overall product line-up in all key areas.
Nexcopy now provides the ability to read CID numbers from SD and microSD media in bulk.
Compared to Toshiba's current 32GB microSD UHS-I cards, the write speed is improved approximately 8 times, while the read speed is improved approximately 2.
The only requirement is that they should be equipped with a slot for microSD cards.
Tyfone, with its growing portfolio of trailblazing intellectual property, continues to be the recognized global leader for innovation in bringing the power and independence of smartcard based secure elements and integrated NFC into MicroSD and other form factors.
NITRO PLUS MicroSD 3-in-1 comes in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities, which are priced at 105 AED, 195 AED and 390 AED respectively.
Gemalto s complete solution encompasses the personalization, issuance and fulfillment services, the microSD card, and the multi-service wallet framework necessary for Banco Santander to create its own mobile app.
Memory products manufacturer Kingston Technology announced on Friday (28 September) it is releasing microSD High-Capacity (SDHC) Flash memory cards, starting with a 4GB card in a Class 4 speed rating.
Combining our technologies brings together the best biometric solutions and the security strength of the GO-Trust FIPS certified microSD secure element, which permits the easy transportability of identity between smart phones," said Darren Lee CEO of GOTrust Technology Inc.
LG doesn't release too many tablets, but when it does, it packs them with the ever useful microSD card expansion slot.