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The Neomar microbrowser and portal for all RIM wireless handhelds will be available in a closed beta program later this calendar quarter.
2 compliant microbrowser, first released in May of 2000, is broadly recognized for its friendly user interface and has emerged as the de facto WAP microbrowser for Palm among consumers and mobile application developers.
However, because it is compatible with both HTML and compact HTML, the Pixo Internet Microbrowser provides access to the entire Web.
com's microbrowser software infringes its patent, according to Sanyo.
CompactViewer is the first and most popular Compact NetFront microbrowser supporting Compact HTML developed to monitor how i-mode content is displayed.
has developed an advanced microbrowser that dramatically improves how content is viewed, downloaded and used on current and next-generation wireless devices.
Wireless device manufacturers will now be able to take advantage of the compelling microbrowser functionality of our unique embedded Internet browser, on mobile devices powered by TI's OMAP1510, which we believe is one of the best solutions in the market," stated Toru Arakawa, President and CEO, ACCESS Co.
Microsoft Mobile Explorer is a modular wireless applications and services platform for phones that allows industry partners to choose the solution which best fits their needs using components selected from a suite that includes a dual-mode microbrowser, a smart phone based on the Windows CE operating system, additional applications and server-side components.
As a result of this agreement, the Pixo Internet Microbrowser is capable of offering instant access to Unimobile's global text messaging capabilities.
Browser WAP- compatible microbrowser for use in its CDMA phones.
in delivering a WAP microbrowser for Palm devices to its users.