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However, in both studies, the results were based on the recording of microcirculatory blood flow only with no additional information about the oxygenation or blood volume level.
Microcirculatory methods may be used to define and quantify chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) (Belcaro and Nicolaides 2001; De Sanctis et al.
Adequate fluid volume replacement does not necessarily equate to proper microcirculatory tissue perfusion.
Thrombophilia in Crohn disease is probably due to inappropriate hemostasis with a hypercoagulable state, thrombocytosis, hyperfibrinogenemia, hyperhomocysteinemia and increased levels of lipoproteins, which probably play a role in local microcirculatory alterations leading to CD itself.
Complications such as infections, immunosuppression, impairment of microcirculatory blood flow, 2,3-diphosphoglycerate deficiency, and an array of biochemical and physiological derangements including hypocalcemia, coagulopathy, hyperkalemia, and hypothermia are associated with the use of PRBCs.
In addition, microcirculatory impedance or resistance to flow at the downstream level is believed to contribute substantially to reducing overall blood flow through the myocardium -- which may be a contributory cause of ischemia in patients with heart disease.
This technique uses a refrigerant to induce cell and microcirculatory damage, leading to tissue necrosis and sloughing.
The third edition adds seven chapters and coverage of topics including the genomics of acute myocardial infarction; the use of CRP, myeloperoxidase, N-tyrosine, and other disease markers; new arterial inflammatory markers; the enhancement of microcirculatory perfusion in the coronary bed; the impact of diabetes and metabolic syndrome on the development of ACS; cardiogenic shock and Killip Class III; the use of pluripotent stem cells; and BNP and proBNP.
This abnormal hypercontraction is generally known to cause acute vasospasm, microcirculatory ischemia, increased systemic blood pressure, and ultimately, possible vascular diseases (Bohr et al.
Repeated finger puncturing can induce severe disturbances of microcirculatory skin perfusion" in patients with peripheral vascular disease.
One is that these agents improve microcirculatory flow by dissolving blood clots in small vessels in the brain.
Problems such as Kupffer cell dysfunction, microcirculatory changes, ATP depletion, the generation of reactive oxygen species, and increased leukocyte adhesion resulting from the ischemia reperfusion period of the liver transplantation sometimes lead to graft failure or primary nonfunction of the liver.