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A microminiaturized display, typically with a screen size less than two inches diagonal. They are used in rear-projection TVs and their data projector counterparts, in head mounted displays (HMDs) and in the viewfinders of digital cameras. Although microdisplay research goes back to the mid-1980s, commercial products emerged in the late 1990s.

Reflective and Transmissive
Reflective microdisplay bounce light into the viewer's lens or the projection lens. For example, in a DLP microdisplay, tiny mirrors divert light into the projection path (see DLP).

LCD microdisplays are transmissive, allowing light to pass through the display like backlit, laptop computer screens. See rear-projection TV.

A Microdisplay Unit
This amazing screen is used in HMDs and digital camera viewfinders. The reflective LCD display provides an 800x600 resolution in a half-inch screen that uses only 45 milliwatts of energy, as much as ten times less than transmissive displays. (Image courtesy of Three-Five Systems, Inc.)
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MicroDisplay Corporation will manufacture the sets for its first OEM brand partners, Memorex and Akai.
It features two OLED microdisplays with 800 x 600 resolution in more than 16 million colors.
MicroDisplay Corporation announced today from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that industry stalwarts AKAI and Memorex have signed on as customers of MicroDisplay's HDTVs, powered by MicroDisplay's unique and proprietary 1080p LCOS digital projection imaging technology.
The OLED-XL provides the sharpest, brightest and most vibrant image we have seen on a microdisplay.
The new SVGA-3DS microdisplays eliminate the need for extra circuitry and components while allowing for a smaller display module design with increased functionality.
Though it is similar in size to a grain of rice, the microdisplay, combined with special optics inside the Spy Video Car eyewear, creates a virtual big-screen image comparable to a full-size TV.
The feature set of the camera, including Displaytech's LV201k-E microdisplay technology, offers outstanding performance to digital photographers at a competitive price point.
Displaytech's microdisplays give consumer electronics companies an unmatched blend of image quality and manufacturability, enabling them to improve product performance and speed time to market," said Dick Barton, CEO of Displaytech.
FELIN systems will comprise, in part, a modified weapon system, integral sensors, wearable computer, communications, and display systems based on eMagin's SVGA+ OLED microdisplay.
Icuiti's choice of OLED microdisplays validates their position as the high-performance, high-efficiency microdisplay for soldier applications.
Liteye Systems integrates microdisplay and other technologies to provide solutions for military, industrial, security, and law enforcement institutions worldwide.
eMagin's microdisplay manufacturing and R&D operations are co-located with IBM on its campus in East Fishkill, New York.