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Small neuroglia cells of the central nervous system having long processes and exhibiting ameboid and phagocytic activity under certain pathologic conditions.



mesoglia, small rounded cells in the central nervous system.

Microglia develop from cells of connective tissue and constitute about 10 percent of the total number of cells of the neuroglia. Each microglial cell is connected by branching processes with the neuron-neuroglia system and the brain capillaries. The number and size of the microglial cells increase with infections, intoxications, or brain edema. The cells perform a phagocytic role, removing necrotic sections of nerve tissue.

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Among the proinflammatory cytokines interleukin- 1 (IL-1) is most abundantly expressed in microglia cells (46).
Tissue plasminogen activator, a potential neurotoxicant released by microglia cells is implicated in cerebral ischaemic injury (48).
This effect is mediated by inhibition of secretion of proinflammtory cytokines and NO from microglia cells (64) (Table).
LPS mimics the effect of a bacterial infection and the microglia cells spring into action, releasing proinflammatory cytokines, such as TNFa.
The CD45 molecule is a receptor on the surface of the brain's microglia cells, cells that support the brain's neurons and also participate in brain immune responses.
Among the innovative projects are one that addresses the role of microglia cells and whether they contribute to retinopathy; it also tests whether a drug which is already FDA approved to treat acne can reduce and potentially ameliorate the progression of retinopathy.