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Correlation of transversal microradiography and microhardness on in situ-induced demineralization in irradiated and nonirradiated human dental enamel.
Contact x-ray microradiography is the current gold standard for measuring mineral densities of partially demineralized tooth specimens.
They include scanning contact microradiography (10), transmission light microscopy (11), microwave absorption (12), and the promising X-ray microtomography imaging, which is still very expensive and time consuming (13).
Osteoarthritic abnormalities such as osteosclerosis have been studied using contact microradiography and bone scintimetry, but there have been few reports using densitometry on simple radiographs.
Mineral distribution in the enamel of teeth with amelogenesis imperfecta as determined by quantitative microradiography.
Comparison of calcium analysis, longitudinal microradiography and profilometry for the quantitative assessment of erosion in dentine.
Stereomicroscopy, film radiography, microradiography and naked-eye inspection of tooth sections as validation for occlusal caries diagnosis.
Spal (1969-present) Dynamical x-ray diffraction, x-ray optics, x-ray microradiography, x-ray microtomography, materials microstructure characterization, high temperature superconductor composite tape.
Fiber orientation distributions of the injection molded samples were analyzed by applying X-ray microradiography on the transverse cross sections of the molded samples.
The SH was used to estimate demineralization of root dentine because there is a high correlation with mineral loss assessed by transverse microradiography.
The topography station, which was home to the only dedicated monochromatic topography instrument of its kind in the country, also included experimental facilities for hard x-ray microscopy (2) and parallel beam x-ray microradiography.