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Tenders are invited for Procurement of microplate spectrophotometer with cuvette port and microspot measurement plate
The simple low-throughput multiplex assays followed by low-level multiplexing and high-throughput array-based immunoassays are replaced with two types of high-level multiplexing and high-throughput diagnostic methods using microspot arrays and bead arrays.
SmartLink, available on previous and select current generations of Oxford Instruments microspot analysers, has been optimized for the MAXXI 6 to meet the demands of incoming inspection, production control and quality control personnel.
In this system, the ability for high fluid flow allows the user to experimentally match the maximum binding rate of the microspot to the convective flux determined by the flow velocity and expected analyte concentration, effectively reducing the time needed to reach equilibrium.
Microdissection or microspot CO2 laser for limited vocal fold benign lesions: a prospective randomized trial.
The ellipsometer is designed as a highly automated instrument to provide automatic goniometer, automatic XYZ stage, automatic sample adjustment and automatic microspot optics.
Microdissection or microspot CO2 laser forlimited vocal fold benign lesions: A prospective randomized trial.
8 nm); the size of the light beam being a microspot of about 15 [mu]m, with a Glan-Thompson calcite polarizer and a StokeMeter analyzer.
The fiber now transports the laser light to the MicroSpot microscope objective without using a table full of optics mounts and mirrors.
Contract assemblers, OEMs, component producers, raw material providers and independent laboratories conducting the testing have stimulated demand for handheld analyzers, microspot benchtop platforms and bulk benchtop systems.
Macintosh software developer Microspot now is shipping 3D World, a quick and capable three-dimensional modeling program that sells for about $100, hundreds less than other modeling software.
MacPalette l l by Microspot (under $40), in conjunction with a color ribbon, tells your computer it has a color printer.