microwave landing system

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microwave landing system

[′mī·krə‚wāv ′land·iŋ ‚sis·təm]
A system of ground equipment which generates guidance beams at microwave frequencies for guiding aircraft to landings; it is intended to replace the present lower-frequency instrument landing system. Abbreviated MLS.

microwave landing system (MLS)

An instrument landing system operating in the microwave spectrum (5.0–5.25 GHz/15.4–15.7 GHz) that provides precision guidance in azimuth, elevation, and distance measurement to aircraft having compatible airborne equipment. There is no requirement of a localizer and a glide-slope as in an ILS (instrument landing system). An MLS allows approaches anywhere within its horizontal and vertical fan-shaped coverage area. It guides over a +/− 40° sector for landing and overshooting. It is useful for helicopters, short takeoff and landing (STOL) aircraft, and fixed-wing aircraft. The standard configuration of MLS ground equipment includes an azimuth station that provides an approach and back azimuth, an elevation station to provide an approach elevation, and precision distance-measuring equipment to indicate a continuous range of information on aircraft. On aeronautical charts, the availability of this facility is indicated by image.
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Aircraft equipped with the Microwave Landing System can make landing approaches without requiring additional air traffic spacing.
BAE SYSTEMS MMRs are capable of operating in the following modes: FM-immune Instrument Landing System (ILS), Microwave Landing System (MLS), Global Positioning System (GPS) en route navigation, VHF Omni-Range (VOR), and growth to future navigation systems.
FAA recognized a troubled program and made a quick, businesslike decision -- a welcome change from years and millions wasted on the flawed Microwave Landing System and Advanced Automation System programs.
In early June, the FAA announced that it would not continue development of the Microwave Landing System for Category II and III, based, in part, on the belief that GPS has the potential to provide guidance for precision approaches and landings.
Textron Systems' MMLS is the world's only mobile microwave landing system in production today.
The microwave landing system, which was designed to replace the old instrument landing system (ILS), provides precision guidance over a wider area and gives pilots guidance to the runway in all weather conditions.
Textron Systems announced today that it delivered its first Mobile Microwave Landing System (MMLS) to the Italian Ministry of Defense (Ministero Della Difesa).
The air carrier will use the new navigation system to replace an early generation Microwave Landing System (MLS).
Under the agreement, both companies will jointly market Alcatel's CAT II/III fixed-base system, and Textron Systems' CAT I/II Mobile Microwave Landing System (MMLS).
The Aspen GPS approach replaces a private Microwave Landing System and follows a more desirable path to the airport and more favorable terrain than the public VOR/DME approach path.
Joseph Kearns, a radar expert working with the International Air Traffic Control (IATC) portion of RES Transportation Laboratory, was instrumental in the design and development of ferrite phaseshifters for TPN-19 radars, and he also worked extensively on the Microwave Landing System (MLS) for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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