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CHICAGO (CyHAN)- As a result of the geomagnetic storm, magnificent auroras were sighted in several mid-latitude locations, including Virginia in the United States and in the United Kingdom.
Invitation to tender : Main path mid-latitude ground - Ramsegg, L = 930 m1 Hofzufahrt upper floor width, L = approx 360 m1
Nuri is expected to merge with the jet stream and create a very strong disturbance in the mid-latitude belt of westerly winds.
Countries with high and low latitudes are getting wetter but mid-latitude countries in particular, are drying out.
Since the mid-latitude storm is critical to the global general circulation that transports heat and moisture from low latitudes to the polar regions, we can expect that the storms modulated by Asian pollution will affect the weather in the Northern Hemisphere.
St Jude, classed as a mid-latitude storm, was sparked by a meeting of warm and cold fronts resulting in low pressure that created a very quick storm.
Rainfall over mid-latitude masses will likely become more intense and more frequent by the end of the century, and the area encompassed by monsoon systems will increase.
The discerned arrival of a major upper air trough with mid-latitude vortex core duly arrived with a promise of some rain materializing across the southwest.
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says that an increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has boosted temperatures over land surfaces resulting in increased global temperatures swings and their effects: drought, increased storm intensity, more tropical cyclones with higher wind speeds, a wetter Asian monsoon, and more intense mid-latitude hurricanes, tornadoes, and thunderstorms.
We looked around from coast to coast to coast at mid-latitude sites and after a six-month study, Timmins was chosen," said Daniel Levesque, senior engineer of flight systems with the CSA.
Perhaps even more alarming is the fact that melting sea ice and accelerating Arctic warming spur changes in the jet stream that increase the frequency of weather extremes like droughts, floods, heat waves and cold spells in the mid-latitude regions of the Northern Hemisphere.
If a poleward displacement of the mid-latitude storm tracks also occurs, this will shift mid-latitude precipitation poleward, impacting regional agriculture, economy, and society.