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the point on a line that is at an equal distance from either end


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A midpoint, as the name implies, is a point halfway between two other points. For example, the midpoint between a planet located at 1° Cancer and a planet located at 29° Cancer would be 15° Cancer. Certain schools of contemporary astrology regard midpoints as significant, sensitive points in an astrological chart.

A midpoint between two planets is said to indicate where their combined energies is strongest, and transits to midpoints are particularly important. A third planet located near or in close aspect with a midpoint is particularly significant. In hard aspects such as a square, for instance, a third planet located near the midpoint provides the key to resolving the conflict indicated by the square.

Employed by early schools of astrology, midpoints fell into disuse until revived by Alfred Witte, the founder of Uranian astrology. Witte in turn influenced Reinhold Ebertin, the founder of cosmobiology, who further developed the use of midpoints.


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The midpoint of a line segment is the point which separates the segment into two equal parts.
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For any quadrilateral, the segments joining the midpoints of opposite sides, themselves have a common midpoint: the centre of the quadrilateral.
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95 percent away from the midpoint during the session.
I understand that on the Cantor/IG/Sporting scoring system, this adjustment will be the difference between the two mini-performance midpoints divided by 17.
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