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MEMORIES: Mike Denver poses with a few fans' MOORE LIKE IT: Mike with Agnes Moore' HIGH FIVE: Alan, Sean, Terry, Mike and Don after their gig' FOURSOME: Nula Modden, Maura and Tommy McBrien and Eamonn Madden with Mike' IN TUNE: Neille Duncan, (Midlands 103 Tullamore) and Mike' FANS: Brendan and Martina Duffy with Mike' FRIENDS: Liam Mannering with Mike after his gig' IN STEP: Joe Mullen, Kathleen Geraty, Mike, Rita Mullen and Ann Ward' TRIO: Kate Lambert and Geraldine Kenny with Mike' GOOD COMPANY: Fans Loreta Payton, Kathleen and Julie Flannery with Mike following his recent gig in Grevelle Arms' HI THERE: Sligo girl Sinead Nolan with Mike Denver
Ellen Quarry, a bible professor at Biola University with a doctorate in education and a thriving practice as a family counselor, has photo albums filled with pictures of her and Mike on trips to Alaska, Mexico and the Bahamas.
Situating Mike and Stefani's passage to Australia in the context of British imperial history and of the British scheme to recruit people from DP camps points up the importance of questions of race and ethnicity to histories of British domestic life and work.
NIKE Staff Presentations by: Mike Leach, Texas Tech, Rich Brooks, Kentucky, Mike Sewak, Georgia Southern, Shane Montgomery, Miami Ohio, Mike Shula, Alabama
Mike wakes up and has a morning, but just the beginning of a morning.
Even back in high school, before our more personal losses, Mike exhibitted a streak of sentimentality that unnerved me.
Flashing a shield, Mike will "badge" into a room (19); the coroner's team do not just remove Jennifer's body, they "roll" it and "'pronounce her" (21).
Mike Brown's narrative is structured by the theme of reconciliation.
Mike and Tuck traded over-the-counter stocks and rode the same boat each morning.
Next Mike and his mother stopped at the mall to look for new bed sheets and a pillow.