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name for certain fungi and protists, for the diseases they cause in various crops, and for the discoloration (and sometimes the weakening and disintegration) they cause in such materials as leather, fabrics, and paper. The powdery mildews usually grow on the surface of plant tissues, forming a gray or white coating and absorbing nourishment from the host. Although traditionally considered fungi, the downy mildews are now more often considered protists. They attack grapes, cucumbers, potatoes, and other vegetables. Methods of making fabrics and leather resistant to mildew have been devised. For the occurrence and control of mildews in agriculture, see diseases of plantsdiseases of plants.
Most plant diseases are caused by fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Although the term disease is usually used only for the destruction of live plants, the action of dry rot and the rotting of harvested crops in storage or transport is similar to the rots
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. Powdery mildews are classified in the kingdom FungiFungi
, kingdom of heterotrophic single-celled, multinucleated, or multicellular organisms, including yeasts, molds, and mushrooms. The organisms live as parasites, symbionts, or saprobes (see saprophyte).
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, phylum (division) Ascomycota; downy mildews are classified in the kingdom ProtistaProtista
or Protoctista
, in the five-kingdom system of classification, a kingdom comprising a variety of unicellular and some simple multinuclear and multicellular eukaryotic organisms.
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, phylum (division) Oomycota.



the infection of plants with diseases similar to downy mildew, which is caused by fungi of the order Peronosporales. In Soviet literature the term “mildew” is conventionally used to designate only downy mildew of grapes.


A whitish growth on plants, organic matter, and other materials caused by a parasitic fungus.
Any fungus producing such growth.


A fungus that grows and feeds on paint, cotton and linen fabric, etc., which are exposed to moisture; causes discoloration and decomposition of the surface.
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Caption: White, fluffy growth on the underside of leaves is the hallmark trait of downy mildew.
In the present study, as many as seventy genotypes were screened under field conditions against powdery mildew resistance and none of them were found immune or resistant.
When the F- test was significant at the 5% level, a regression analysis between the independent variable of the severity of downy mildew on leaves at the R5.
coli O157:H7 could not grow as well in the lesions of the more resistant lettuce line RH08-0464 line as it did on a conventional commercial variety called Triple Threat, which is highly susceptible to downy mildew," Simko reports.
Table 3: Maximal severities and AUDPC values of downy mildew in alfalfa accessions in 20092011
Powdery mildew fungi produce microscopic air-borne dispersal spores with an unusually high water content, enabling them to infect underdrier conditions Some asters, surprisingly, are unaffected by mildew, the elegant, willowy six-footer, Climax, with panicles of powder-blueflower heads one these.
Other lilacs like Miss Kim (which is Syringa patula), Minuet or Donald Wyman, both prestoniae hybrids and the early-flowering hyacinthiflora types like Pocahontas and Vesper Song seem to exhibit more resistance to mildew as well as lengthening the blooming time of lilacs at both ends of the season.
The study, which provided fresh insights into the crop history of wheat and barley and their interaction with the mildew pathogen, found that asexually produced offspring more successful
Downy mildews typically attack only a restricted range of species, says plant pathologist Phil Jennings of the United Kingdom's Food and Environment Research Agency.
8220;Once people visit Mildew Busters' Web site, they can see what the business has to offer: expert services from technicians with 31 years of experience.
Indeed, powdery mildew disease of young plants from a susceptible population of garlic mustard in Ohio significantly reduced growth of young plants in the greenhouse, eventually causing complete mortality (Enright and Cipollini, 2007).
This is an easy one, Ralph, but get to work quickly, because if mold and mildew sits on the seats for an extended period of time, it can stain permanently.