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An acute inflammatory skin disease, the lesions consisting of vesicles and papules, which may be accompanied by a prickling or tingling sensation. Also known as heat rash; prickly heat.



a condition resulting from intensified perspiration caused by overheating during hot weather or by wearing excessive clothing. The condition is observed most often in nursing infants and young children who are in poor physical condition or afflicted with such diseases as rickets, tuberculosis, or exudative diathesis. Tiny vesicles appear on the externally unchanged skin of the torso; subjective sensations are absent. Miliaria rubra (prickly heat), or itching inflamed nodules with surface vesicles, may arise. A secondary infection may develop, resulting in tiny pustules that dry into scabs. Treatment involves removal of the basic cause, good care of the skin, and observance of the rules of personal hygiene. Unctuous antiseptic powders should be applied locally.

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In this study, the expression of HBD-3 protein was normal or showed an increasing trend in cutaneous tuberculosis and tuberculids except disseminated miliary tuberculosis.
15] Moreover, we found that the presence of miliary and diffuse interstitial infiltrates was significantly associated with mortality (OR 14.
Does fighting corruption and state-building come through pillaging houses, miliary bases and government institutions," asked the president.
Significant gross findings included bilateral cecal masses, colonic perforation, and marked secondary coelomitis with multifocal, tan-to-pale hepatic nodules and pale kidneys with miliary white foci.
Many of the people from the north joined the military which carried out several back-to-back miliary coups in 1966.
David Maddox, who with Gwyn Evans coauthored The Tonypandy Riots 1910/1911, said though no guns were fired, the decision to deploy the miliary was vital.
Historian David Maddox, who with Gwyn Evans co-authored The Tonypandy Riots 1910/1911, said though no guns were fired, the decision to deploy the miliary was vital.
Speaker Jeenbekov thanked Builashev for his bravery during miliary service and wished the soonest recovery.
Military Grade fiber optic patch cables are built with specialized military tactical fiber cable that features impact and crush resistance characteristics which comply with miliary requirements.