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a Christian clergyman attached to a private chapel of a prominent person or institution or ministering to a military body, professional group, etc



in the Catholic and Anglican churches:

(1) A clegyman in charge of a chapel or home church and also an assistant parish priest.

(2) A clergyman in the army; in bourgeois states, as a rule, the chaplain has the rank of an officer or general. In addition to his religious functions, the chaplain is also responsible for the political convictions and morale of the soldiers and officers.

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See, for example, the death announcement of the military chaplain Franz Albert, born in 1876 and a decorated veteran of World War I, who had spent thirty-eight of his forty-four years as a priest ministering to soldiers.
Two military chaplains who are critical of church leaders for tolerating clergy sex abuse lost their "ecclesiastical endorsement," apparently without recourse to any form of due process, and consequently lost their jobs in the military.
becoming the first native military chaplain in the regular forces.
In a newspaper interview he said: 'I think it is time we considered a system of minister service in the forces until the establishment of a permanent institution of military chaplains.
Aquinas and More's Military Chaplain Registry has filled the need since its inception in 2004.
Wannabe sniper Lance Corporal Perry McMullin is prepared to help win the war in Vietnam while Navy corpsman John Henry Fox dreams of becoming a military chaplain.
A Padre - a military chaplain - based at Spr Cottrell's barracks in Kent could lead the memorial service, which is expected to be well-attended.
Bazin, who was a military chaplain during his entire career, was the chaplain general, head of the military chaplaincy, from 1992-1995.
The seven-year-old, who Beveridge, a military chaplain at the Royal Naval Air Station at Yeovilton in Somerset, hopes to partner in the Grand Military Gold Cup at Sandown next spring, got up to score despite jumping the last in fifth place.
In a country that values religious pluralism and the separation of church and state, the military chaplain lives at the edge of several competing worlds.
And military chaplain the Reverend Alex Forsyth, minister of Markinch, continued the theme in his eulogy.
The Rev John Finlayson, a military chaplain, told the mourners to keep the memory of the young boys' father live.

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