military government

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military government,

rule of enemy territory under military occupation. It is distinguished from martial lawmartial law,
temporary government and control by military authorities of a territory or state, when war or overwhelming public disturbance makes the civil authorities of the region unable to enforce its law.
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, which is the temporary rule by domestic armed forces over disturbed areas. The practices of military government were standardized before World War I, notably at the Hague Conferences (1899, 1907) and form a part of the laws of war (see war, laws ofwar, laws of,
in international law, rules and principles regulating an armed conflict between nations. These laws are designed to minimize the destruction of life and property, to proscribe cruel treatment of noncombatants and prisoners of war, and to establish conditions under
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During and after World War II, vast territories came under military government. During the war, Germany administered occupied countries through a hierarchy of Kommandaturen [military government headquarters], but this normal army administration was often duplicated by civilian economic agencies and Gestapo personnel. In France, Norway, Greece, and Serbia, local puppet governments were authorized to operate under German control; Belgium and NE France were under purely military government; in Eastern Europe, authority was concentrated in 1941 in the ministry for eastern occupied territories. German military government often violated the rules laid down by the Hague Conventions.

Allied Military Government (AMG) began to function in Sicily and in Italy in 1943; it sought to utilize local civilian authorities to the widest possible extent. When operating in Allied territory, such as France, AMG became Civil Affairs and was limited to combat areas. After the termination of military operations, Germany and Austria were divided (1945) into four occupation zones and military government was reorganized. At first it was subject in general policy to the authority of the U.S.-Soviet-British-French Allied Control Councils in Berlin and Vienna. In time, the growing dissension between the Western powers and the USSR led to the breakdown of the quadripartite system in Germany and in BerlinBerlin
, city (1994 pop. 3,475,400), capital of Germany, coextensive with Berlin state (341 sq mi/883 sq km), NE Germany, on the Spree and Havel rivers. Formerly divided into East Berlin (156 sq mi/404 sq km) and West Berlin (185 sq mi/479 sq km), the city was reunified along
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. The British, French, and American zones were soon amalgamated for most purposes and ultimately became the state of West Germany; in opposition to them stood the Soviet zone, which later became the East German state.

In Austria and Vienna disharmony was less evident, and military control ended in 1955 with the signing of a peace treaty between Austria and the four Allied occupying powers. In Japan, military government became a solely American responsibility, though subject to suggestions of an 11-power Allied council. It was ended by the signing of the peace treaty with Japan (1951).

In response to the experiences of World War II, a new convention covering military occupation was signed in Geneva in 1949. In recent years, the most prominent military occupation of a region has been that by Israeli forces of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.


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It is indispensible for the military government to live up to this promise to bring an end to its needless confrontations with pro-democracy advocates.
In explaining its decision, the council argued that it could not take part in the celebrations while Arabs continued to live under the yoke of the Military Government.
17, the military government ordered the arrest of bank loan defaulters.
Likulia Bolongo to head the new military government, while Washington increased pressure on Mobutu, who is 66 and seriously ill with cancer, to leave office.
The American military government eventually abandoned its efforts to achieve reform through democratic persuasion and put the governments of the three states in its zone under pressure.
through its operating company DynCorp International LLC, is a provider of specialized mission-critical technical services to civilian and military government agencies, with specific global expertise in law enforcement training and support, security services, base operations, aviation services and operations and logistics support.
The trigger for the exodus seems to have been statements by Thailand's military government, which took power in a coup last month, that it would crack down on illegal immigrants and those employing them.
The detention prevents her from contesting in general elections the military government says it will hold next year.
Strong pressure from the international community is mandatory to change the stance of the military government which is vigorously clamping down on people,'' said Aung Aye Win, 43, a leader of the League for Democracy in Burma in Japan.
the Israeli Civil Administration will be dissolved; the Israeli military government, on the other hand will not be dissolved .
Nigeria's military government charged a Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka, and 11 other dissidents with treason on Wednesday in connection with a series of bombings of army installations.
DynCorp International is a provider of specialized mission-critical outsourced technical services to civilian and military government agencies with specific global expertise in law enforcement training and support, security services, base operations, aviation services, and operations and logistics support.

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