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milk snake:

see king snakeking snake,
name for a number of species of the genus Lampropeltis, nonvenomous, egg-laying, constricting snakes of North America which show much variation in color and markings.
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The snake species that depredated the most nests were milk snake (Lampropeltis triangulum) (60% of all snake depredations) and western fox snake (Elaphe vulpina) (33%); both of which are associated with grasslands.
RSPCA inspector Mark Roberts, who collected the milk snake, said: "The snake was very cold but still alive.
On peeling back the lid I was confronted by a very sorry sight: a small brightly coloured milk snake had been coiled up tightly inside the container, and the lid secured on top of him.
The two-foot long Mexican milk snake, which crushes its prey before devouring it whole, took a shine to Woman At Large, in Spon Street, Coventry.
From a cottontail rabbit, who raises five tiny kits, to a yellow-spotted salamander, to a raccoon mother, milk snakes, and more, each inhabitant finds safety and security while they need it, yet each has to move on when the time comes.
Subsequent tenants run the course of raccoons, milk snakes, chipmunks and skunks.
Milk snakes and black rat snakes are frequently found in barns.
They include cornsnakes, rat snakes, king snakes, milk snakes, and garter snakes.
Just a couple of weeks after mixing the solution up, I happened across a couple of sizable milk snakes that were either mating or fighting (odd that these two activities should appear so similar to a noninvolved observer).
Among them: Bubba, OMSI's 13-foot long, 85-pound Burmese python; bearded dragon lizards; and Honduran milk snakes.