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Hamad explained that the biggest "nightmare" for handlers was during the cows' daily migration from their covered areas to the milking parlour and back.
Teagasc's Dr Mairead Bermingham said milking parlours may have to be expanded to accommodate the taller animals.
Just short of providing pedicures, the milking parlour is designed to calm the camels.
With regard to future investments, 19% of farmers who were going to invest were intending to buy a tractor, followed by 10% who were intending to buy livestock buildings, a further 6% purchasing implements, 5% livestock, 4% milking parlours and 3% milk quotas.
Last year 6% of farms had invested in buildings for livestock, 4% for conversions, 2% for storage, 2% for milking parlours and 2% for renovation.
The factory produces rubber mats for milking parlours.
In the ten years from 1994, 30% of milk producers closed the doors of their milking parlours for good, and the number of dairy farms fell from 5,363 to 3,658.
In 2003 6pc of farms had invested in buildings for livestock, a further 4pc for conversions, a further 2pc for storage, a further 2pc for milking parlours and a further 2pc for renovation, adding up to 16pc of all farms investing in bricks and mortar.
Parts of Wales could soon become no-go areas for milk tankers as it was revealed that seven milking parlours are shutting every fortnight.