Milking Shorthorn cattle

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Milking Shorthorn cattle:

see Shorthorn cattleShorthorn cattle,
breed of beef cattle developed from the native cattle of the Tees valley in NE England; formerly called Durham cattle. Systematic breeding of Shorthorns began in the latter part of the 18th cent.
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Known for low-input, grass-based dairy production, efforts have been generated to locate and preserve the unimproved Milking Shorthorn.
If the crossing of this breed continues, the Milking Shorthorn will disappear from the United States in the next few years.
Shorthorn cattle were brought into the United States as a multipurpose breed, and the Milking Shorthorn represents the pinnacle of the colonial cattle's dairy potential.
The Baynes have blended their Shorthorn cows with modern-day red and white cows, starting 20 years ago with some Swedish Red and subsequently American Milking Shorthorn, Ayrshire and Holstein without compromising on the traditional breed's attributes of quality milk production, good health and longevity, to produce what they believe is the ideal dairy cow.
In addition, a span of milking shorthorn oxen named Lewis and Clark did their share of work.
If you want a true dual-purpose breed you might consider the Milking Shorthorn, which has been bred for beef-producing qualities as well as for milking.
Milking Shorthorn are large red (or red and white or roan) cattle that originated in northeastern England.
In response to Maureen Horne's (Ashland, Oregon) request for hardier cattle, I would like to suggest Milking Shorthorn.