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WCGM owns the Manhattan Mill, 2800 acres of patented and unpatented mining and millsite claims.
Pink Sheets: GDSM), is pleased to announce today the following update for the Azurite property (Azurite, New Era, NIWOT Millsite, Little Kid, Wren and Jayhaker):
335) Likewise, rather than wait for legislation giving land managers more discretion to declare some areas unsuitable for mining, Solicitor Leshy issued an Opinion providing that patent applicants would henceforth be entitled to only one five-acre millsite per mining claim.
Many towns and villages that were not brought into being by the platting of an anticipatory subdivision plan but grew up organically around a crossroads or millsite were not the subject of independent maps in this period.
11-12 at Millsite Park, with music from the Mountain Creek String Band and Umpqua Valley Bluegrass Band.
The property is called the Azurite Claims and includes the following: Azurite, New Era, NIWOT Millsite, Little Kid, Wren and Jayhaker.
Joe Millsite Area Gulf 170 598 -- Powell Adams Bay 32 1,425 -- RiverCamps on Sandy Creek Bay 6,500 624 -- RiverTown St.
15 Millsite Kennicott, AK 99588 Phone: 258-2350 Fax: 248-7975
The thickener leakage was contained within safety berms and ponds on the millsite and had no observed or measured impact on the environment.
The Chloride Copper Mine property consists of 37 unpatented lode mining claims and 12 millsite claims.
The leakage was entirely contained within the millsite and had no impact on the environment.