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TCB-02701 Milori Blue 27 Comments: TCB-02701 Milori Blue 27 is already being used in both publication gravure inks and for shading blacks in low cost paste inks.
Table 1--Oil Absorption Values for Selected Pigments--Rubout Method Pigment Oil Absorption Value Basic lead carbonate 9-12 Barium sulfate (Barytes) 10-20 Barium sulfate (Blanc Fixe) 15 Calcium carbonate 16-18 Zinc oxide 17-20 Red iron oxide 20 Uncoated titanium dioxide 11 Amorphous silica 29 China clay 30 Phthalocyanine blue 34 Milori blue 51 Lampblack 51 Carbon black (medium) 124 Diatomaceous earth 196 Data from a variety of sources.