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see Père David's deerPère David's deer
, Asian deer, Elaphurus davidianus, known only in a semidomesticated state. Also known as milu and elaphure, it has a bulky, donkeylike body, reaching a shoulder height of nearly 4 ft (120 cm), with a tufted tail longer than that of any other deer.
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Historically, Milu were widely distributed in the Yangtze River basin and Yellow River basin (Hu and Jiang, 2002).
Because of heavy flooding in 1998, a few Milu escaped into the Dongting Lake wetland from the Hubei Shishou Milu National Nature Reserve.
Research on Milu has primarily been focused on physiology and biochemistry (Hawkey and Hart, 1985; Curlewis et al.
To explore the response of introduced Milu to their newenvironment, this study recorded their behaviour and behavioural rhythms during the adaptive phase.
Sixteen nearly 5-year-old Milu (5a11a) from Jiangsu Dafeng Milu National Nature Reserve were introduced to Junshan Island in the Dongting Lake wetland on March 3, 2016.
The blurb I read describes the book as a brief history of the milu, its seclusion from the outside world, its popularity when the first one left the Forbidden Palace for France and its eventual near extinction due to the boxer rebellion, its susceptibility to diseases (due to a small gene pool) and unsuitable environments.
joh kon jankun marankun mara kumira-kiramor in huran-arin rin kankun kom pamankuk kateleguk aharep rin dunhil anilu kon kuntul kon manunkul milu manilu mulat rin melem amulay wesanyatah wisesan bisu si besi bisan panhelw i sisili Hey you, jankun, you hunch, go and make a plot mixing with the unsuspecting shrimps
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19] u milu madu sa idiglat ina sabatum alaksu "And the great(est) flooding of the Tigris--its occurrence is in the month sabatum.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Ccroad With Guard Wall Rajanpali Jagannath Vihar From Milu Mishra House To Raja Swain House In Ward No 11