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(graphic arts)
A duplicating device for making copies by means of a stretched stencil and ink roller.



a stencil-printing machine for rapid duplication of documents in small- and medium-sized batches. The stencil is made on special stencil paper by typewriter or by photoelectric, photomechanical, or galvanic means. The stencil is set on a drum whose surface is inked by an inking device. During printing, ink is forced through the openings of the stencil and onto a sheet of paper. The sheets are fed by an automatic friction feeder along an inclined tray, pass between the printing drum and the stencil, receive the ink image, and are fed out to a receiving tray. The mimeograph can print 6,000 copies per hour on large-format sheets (30 X 45 cm), but the copies are not of high quality.

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Typewriters, overheads, scratch paper, date books, file cabinets, fountain pens, and mimeographs - - fifty years ago office products such as these were essential to administrative staff.
Zines tend to be narrowly focused, reproduced using mimeographs or Xeroxes, and written and distributed by a single individual or a small group.