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see piepie,
meat, fish, fowl, fruit, or vegetables baked with a crust of pastry, or pastry shells filled with custard or pudding. The pies of the Romans, especially at banquets in the days of the empire, were often elaborate concoctions, such as the showpieces in which were enclosed
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Grannies Mincemeat Cake 75g of margarine; | 25g lard; | 125g of soft brown; | sugar; 2 large, free range eggs | 325g of quality |mincemeat 190g of self raising |flour Set the oven at Gas 3, |160c METHOD: Grease and |line a 7-inch cake tin.
By the way, it was the best mincemeat I have tasted in a long while and I remained perfectly sober.
Homemade mincemeat will keep for at least six months in an unopened jar (alcohol is a great preservative).
Recognized by the head of Naval Intelligence for his terrific intellect, Montagu is the main character and the principal driving force in developing, coordinating, and shepherding Operation Mincemeat to fruition.
17) Montagu's concept for Operation Mincemeat was a deception story that centered on Major Bill Martin, a fictitious staff officer on the Allied Combined Operation staff who was traveling by air when his plane crashed off the coast of Spain.
Welsh competed chef New ADD THE FILLING Use about 2 tspns of mincemeat per case, being careful not to overfill.
The pack promises rich mincemeat with almonds, apricots, brandy and Cognac.
June Ackland would have made mincemeat out of him if she'd been about
None Such Mincemeat, the top-selling brand of mincemeat just unveiled new Thanksgiving and Holiday recipes for 2006, including Cinnamon Raisin Biscotti, Spiced Apple Crisp, Fruited Oatmeal Bars and chewy Prize Cookies, to name a few.
The Eagles may be 13-1, securing homefield advantage throughout the playoffs and setting a franchise record for victories while making mincemeat of the NFC.
Milosevic, a lawyer, has defended himself, and "has made mincemeat out of the Prosecutors' case by himself," contends Malic.