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Mine Detector


a portable instrument for the detection of mines set in the ground or underwater. It is used for making passages in enemy minefields and for clearing mines from the terrain.

A mine detector usually includes a searching device (a frame, plate, or cylinder), a generator of electrical oscillations, an indicator (sound, visual, or other), and sources of electric current. It permits the detection of mines set in the ground to depths of 50 cm or in a body of water to depths of 1 m. Most present-day mine detectors are operated by one individual. The search for nonmetallic mines is conducted with a probe or other means.

The first mine detector was created in the USSR in 1936 by military engineer B. la. Kudymov. A refined model developed in 1939 was used by Soviet forces in the Soviet-Finnish War of 1939–40 and in the Great Patriotic War of 1941–45. During World War II (1939–5) the mine detector was the primary means used by all the warring armies to reconnoiter minefields.

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One of the team members, a mechanical engineering student Hussein Zahreddine said: "For engineering students, our engineering knowledge and skills are our capital, and I feel that I invested this capital efficiently when I joined the mine detection robot team.
The Mine Detection Dog Unit is directly managed by the YEMAC, and it is financed by Germany.
Tim McLaughlin, this is a significant step toward delivering viable 21st century mine detection capabilities to Littoral Combat Ships (LCS).
The AN/PSS-14 Mine Detection System is more advanced than any detector used to accomplish mine detection.
The new software incorporates updates from experience gained during RQ-8A flights and includes provision for the baseline Flir Systems Brite Star II EO/IR payload and Northrop Grumman's proprietary Cobra multi-spectral mine detection payload.
The AN/PSS-14 mine detector is only one part of this remarkable mine detection system.
The first phase, with deliveries starting in 2007, provides a new handheld mine detection system, improved personal protection and marking equipment together with enhanced training tools and facilities.
UCF and Northrop Grumman have worked together on research related to lasers, communications systems, and land mine detection systems.
I asked the students to develop a vehicle that could get off the road, off the clear paths, and go into rougher terrain such as bushes and high grass, where mine detection would be difficult to do by hand," Nelson said.
Howard, born and brought up in Splott, a lance corporal with the 246 Royal Engineers Field Unit, was on mine detection duty.
The ministry set up a three-year project to develop mine detection and removal technologies and a five-year project to put them to use in Afghanistan.
In the May 2 Nature, he and his colleagues predict their accomplishment could inspire novel approaches to land mine detection or search-and-rescue missions.

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