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Officials said the mine will be idled at that time due to the exhaustion of the final panel of mineable coal; the producer first announced the impending end of Emerald's life in August 2014, at that time projecting the end of 2015 for a closure date.
Eastern Europe, with extensive mineable resources and after a long period of underinvestment, is projected to exhibit the fastest growth in mining equipment demand through 2009, followed by Asia (led by China), the Africa/Mideast region and Latin America, with the mature markets of Western Europe and North America trailing.
Forward-looking statements in this news release include the Company undertaking a 7,500-foot core drilling program designed to confirm and expand prior drilling at the project; previously drilled holes will be twinned; a number of additional in-fill and step-out holes are also planned; that core will be shipped to Skyline Labs in Tucson for preparation and assaying; that pre-feasibility metallurgical test work will be performed by Resource Development Inc; that we will begin collection of baseline environmental data at the Courtland and MAN copper projects; and that we will commission an independent third-party calculation of mineral resources and mineable reserves at the Courtland and MAN copper projects.
The entire mineable resource located above the water table is well oxidized, and metallurgical test-work indicates recoveries similar to those found in ongoing operations.
2K-oz Au in mineable reserves at $300/oz Au, with an average grade of 0.
If approved, the underground evaluation program should enable us to better analyze thicknesses of the mineable zones and compare alternative mining methods.
The reserves also include approximately 27 million tons of compliance grade deep mineable steam coal and approximately 21 million tons of deep mineable high volatile metallurgical coal.
1 ounces per ton of silver that are mineable by open pit methods.