mineral turpentine

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white spirit

Petroleum ether, distilled from crude oil; used as a solvent, esp. in varnishes.
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Strategically located at Rawalpindi, ARL's configuration allows it to process from the lightest to the heaviest (23-65 API) Crudes to produce a complete range of Petroleum Products from LPG to Asphalt including specialty products such as Jet Fuels (Jet A-l, JP-8) Cutback Asphalts, Polymer Modified Bitumen, Mineral Turpentine Oil, Jute Batching Oil and Solvent Oil.
Input prices for petroleum-based solvents like mineral turpentine oil have been growing at 5-7%, but manufacturers have resisted from hiking product prices due to the present high volume growth and intense competition in the decorative segment.
The ink can be thinned with a few drops of thinner or mineral turpentine.