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With reducing consumption being only a part of the minimalism formula, Fatafta pointed out that valuing the space you have instead of the materialistic things you own and the amount of money you have, is what gives a person joy and peace.
Minimalism, said Fernandez, may evolve into conventionalism.
As an art movement, minimalism first got its start in Europe and found its way into architecture through the Bauhaus movement in Germany and the Dutch De Stijl movement in the early 20th century.
Norm-based minimalism as envisioned here comprises both strong and weak versions.
It is interesting that minimalist works of many aforementioned architects already existed, before declaration of minimalism, though as a part of architectural historiography in some other sense.
This article considers whether judicial minimalism is an adequate explanation for the approaches taken by the different Court of Appeal judges in Pridgen.
That show explored Latin American artists' radically different approach to Minimalism in their will to confront and repel American dominance.
Before presenting the class with a PowerPoint of di Suvero and Snelson's work, I check for prior knowledge of Minimalism by asking students if they know what the word means, and do they know of any artists who worked in that style of art?
During an economic downturn, showy and ostentatious fashion can feel a little indiscreet, while minimalism ticks all the right understated boxes.
The present volume is a timely collection, as both context sensitivity and semantic minimalism are hot topics in current philosophy of language and linguistics, especially in the border dispute between semantics and pragmatics.
This Article develops an empirical measure for judicial minimalism and examines whether minimalism affected the opinion writing and voting of the Justices on the Rehnquist Court.
Commonly called the "Plywood Show," this exhibition marked a shift in critical response to Morris and signaled an increasing interest among art audiences in the reduced aesthetic that would become known as Minimalism.