Minimum Range

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minimum range

[′min·ə·məm ′rānj]
Least range setting of a gun at which the projectile will clear an obstacle or friendly troops between the gun and the target.
Shortest distance to which a gun can fire from a given position.

Minimum Range


the smallest area on which all the constant species of a plant association under investigation exist. The area is established by marking a large series of experimental areas of varying sizes (0.1–400 square meters). The size at which the number of constant species stops increasing is taken to be the minimum range.

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But he said the minimum range is ''too low,'' given an upward bias seen in the Japanese CPI.
It is designed to study its landing site as a potential habitat for life, has a planned lifetime of two years, and has a minimum range of several kilometers.
The minimum range of a radar is constrained by the pulse duration.
The 60mm mortar can be a valuable asset to a light infantry platoon by providing highly responsive and short minimum range indirect fires that either kill the enemy or suppress his fire, thus enabling the assaulting rifleman to close with and kill him.
Fire mortars within minimum range of Q36/Q37 radars, preventing acquisition.
With financial support and technical assistance from donors, NGOs and other implementing agencies, the BPHS will provide a minimum range of primary, care services to which everyone should have equal access.
The spokeswoman says the system checks whether a dose is within the absolute maximum and minimum range for a medication, and it goes a step further and checks how typical the dosage is.
This draws up, for the first time, an EU list of environmental crimes and defines a minimum range of legal sanctions to be applied by the Member States, within the framework of their own legal systems, in the most serious cases of EU legislation being broken.
By government decree every farm must cultivate a minimum range of crops including rice, wheat, dates and olives.
Five component types--QFP-100, QFP-208, BGA-228, 1608C capacitor and SOIC-16--were selected to represent a minimum range of component types typically placed by surface-mount equipment.
In his attack run, the wingman approached the target from the rear quarter at minimum range.
For a private corporation, the minimum range might be $5,000 to $6,000 per $1 million and the maximum range $15,000 to $20,000 per $1 million.

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