miniaturized satellite

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miniaturized satellite

A communications satellite that is considerably smaller and lighter than the geostationary satellites that weigh several tons. Smaller satellites are less costly to manufacture and deploy and can be piggybacked on rockets with the launch of larger satellites. Miniaturized satellites are designated by their maximum weight, as follows:
 Approximate             Maximum WeightType                    (pounds)

 minisatellite (minisat)   1,100

 microsatellite (microsat)   220

 nanosatellite (nanosat)      22

 picosatellite (picosat)       2.2
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Satellite Communications and VSAT Ku-band MINISAT oceanographic vessels for the Spanish Institute of Oceanography.
Una vez ingresado a un SAT-solver, en este caso MiniSAT, la respuesta obtenida es:
Aseguro que Espana ha realizado notables avances en materia satelital, en referencia al programa espacial Minisat, que permitira en breve la orbitacion de satelites de 500 kilogramos con una amplia versatilidad de cargas utiles y con la ventaja sin precedentes de que pueden ser reprogramados desde tierra en el Centro de Satelites de Torrejon.
the company that built the rocket, says it has identified the problem and hopes to resume flights next month with the launch of a Spanish payload called Minisat.
OpenTV (Nasdaq:OPTV) (AEX: OPTV) and French applications pioneer MiniSAT today announced that they are jointly developing an interactive television (iTV) application and delivery solution for network operators that could potentially enable millions of viewers worldwide to access classified advertisements -- including the search for homes, jobs, second-hand cars, etc.
This new partnership with MiniSAT underscores our commitment to developing and implementing timely and popular applications that meet the leading-edge needs of network operators," said James Ackerman, OpenTV president and COO.
El mes de diciembre representa la prueba de fuego del gobierno espanol para demostrar que su programa espacial Minisat esta a la altura de las potencias mundiales en el sector satelital.
Gimenez explico que el sistema Minisat es un proyecto viable que permite la inversion en el sector espacial debido a la reduccion de tiempos que se requiere para la fabricacion de estos satelites.
Included are commemorative pewter Everest pins, Nepalese prayer flags, "Shadow Of Everest Poster" taken by '98 Everest summiter Wally Berg, "The Making of Everest" video about the popular IMAX film, MVS MiniSat phone and other gear used on Everest, along with maps, books and posters.
An additional track worth mentioning, lowering the threshold for, for example, students to participate in the competition, is the Minisat hack track.
For instance, the CDCL-based Minisat (Een and Sorensson 2004) and Picosat (Biere 2008) solvers are widely reused within and outside the SAT community.
The Telstra MiniSat portable terminal allows people to travel beyond the reach of cellular or fixed communications, for business or pleasure, and still call home," said Senator Alston.