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Two of eight senior managers and three of 19 corporate officers are black, including Chief Marketing Officer Margaret Jenkins, who oversees a budget of $50 million and spends nearly $16 million on marketing to minorities.
Almost all (91 percent) acknowledge that it is important (56 percent "very important") for women and minorities to hold senior management positions within STEM companies so that younger female and minority employees have inspirational role models and mentors.
NCTA's partnerships with the Women & Minorities Business Exchange (affiliated with Working Woman magazine), and the National Minority Supplier Development Council, have significantly enhanced our supplier diversity effort, and have offered these organizations' certified suppliers easier access to the country's top telecommunications companies.
The following provide assistance to women and minorities in getting funding as well as managing a small business.
right arrow] By establishing aggressive goals for hiring professional women and minorities.
Yes, Dear" (CBS/20th Century Fox Film) has not hired a woman to direct any of its 72 episodes over the past three seasons, and has hired minorities to direct only three out of 72 episodes.
It requires that oral and written language assistance be provided for language minorities who need assistance navigating often complicated rules and ballot procedures.
While factoring race and ethnicity into the criteria considered for admission and for awarding scholarships and fellowships will certainly help, no profound increase in diversity will occur until significant progress is made in persuading talented minorities to pursue graduate study.
Yet, if this is a key to participation, why do researchers and program planners know so little about what issues determine whether sexual minorities deem given projects to be safe, appropriate and relevant?
In the current study, the alpha for all participants, minorities, and nonminorities, respectively, were .
By now we likely reports that have all heard whites will soon lose their foothold as America's racial majority in coming decades if the growth rates of minorities continue to exceed those of European Americans.