mint julep

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mint julep:

see julepjulep
or mint julep,
alcoholic beverage of the S United States. Its basis is properly bourbon whiskey, which is combined with water, sugar, crushed ice, and mint leaves. Juleps are sometimes made with other liquors or flavorings.
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If you are allowed by law to sell spirits, try conducting a special event that would include a small-batch bourbon tasting, as well as Mint Juleps.
It was common practice in the pre-Civil War South to consume the first "slinger," usually a mint julep in the morning for strength.
In skin care, where its cocoa butter lotion and cream remain leaders, the company's most recent introductions have been facial scrubs, which come in cocoa butter, mint julep and oatmeal and honey varieties.
Spring, when fresh mint is in bloom, is the only time any self-respecting bartender in Kentucky will mix up a MINT JULEP.
The Old Forester Mint Julep has been the traditional cocktail of choice at the Kentucky Derby for almost a century, according to its (https://www.
The traditional tipple was a post-meal glass of sherry, brandy or popular cocktail Mint Julep, a blend of bourbon, sugar, water and mint leaves.
Woodford Reserve in April unveiled the 2015 edition of its $1,000 Mint Julep Cup for the Kentucky Derby.
But the rally finished on time, the ceremony went ahead as planned, and the president left behind a handwritten note of congratulations and some gifts: a silver platter and mint julep cup, both with the presidential seal.
CAN you imagine a Superbowl final without hot dogs or a Kentucky Derby sans a Mint Julep, or an English Premier League match without the lager fumes blowing across the stadium?
RECREATE the fun of this weekend's Derby Festival at Epsom Downs with a mint julep using Woodford Reserve bourbon.
Another minute and I'd have been calling for Mammy to unlace my corsets and fetch me a mint julep.