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mint julep:

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or mint julep,
alcoholic beverage of the S United States. Its basis is properly bourbon whiskey, which is combined with water, sugar, crushed ice, and mint leaves. Juleps are sometimes made with other liquors or flavorings.
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March 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Old Forester Mint Julep, a 60-proof ready-to-serve cocktail made with Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky, will be available for sale in select stores as of late-March.
THE Kentucky Derby has for years had its famous mint juleps and now, at last, Britain's premier Classic can boast its own official cocktail - the Derby Fruit Cup.
with mint juleps and continuing through the race, a barbecue dinner and dancing.
That's not a comment on the $1,000 mint juleps (in gold-plated cups) that a Kentucky distillery plans to sell for charity at Churchill Downs.
Remy Rose Spritzers, Remy Mint Juleps, Remy Iced Nutty Lattes and Remy Caramel Javas are just a few of the specialty drinks being offered.
There was always lots of alcohol, people sitting around every night with mint juleps.
Six-foot tall display is replica of glass Early Times Mint Juleps will be served in
In addition to eyeing the winner's offspring, Captain Morgan will stage a mutiny during the big weekend, encouraging adult consumers to swap out their Mint Juleps for a refreshing tasting Mint Mutiny - a Captain Morgan White Rum cocktail created by celebrity chef Hugh Acheson.
The hats are bizarre, the track is sloppy, the mint juleps cost $9, and it's the 135th Kentucky Derby.
A fan drunk on mint juleps or losing bets stepped up to the rail and yelled at the man holding the reins, ``He'll never win another race
These Ya-Yas virtually kidnap Sidda from her New York apartment and force her to come to terms with the past - as well as letting her know that her mum wasn't just a selfish drunk but had genuine mental health problems that no amount of mint juleps were going to fix.
During this year's Derby week, more than 140,000 Early Times Mint Juleps are expected to be served at Churchill Downs.