mirror site

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mirror site

An archive site or website which keeps a copy of some or all files at another site so as to make them more quickly available and to reduce the load on the source site.

It is generally best to use the mirror that is physically closest to you as this will usually give the fastest download.

Such mirroring is usually done for specific whole directories or files on a specific remote server as opposed to a cache or proxy server which keeps copies of everything that is requested via it.

For example, src.doc.ic.ac.uk is the main UK mirror for the GNU archive at gnu.org.

mirror site

An alternate website or datacenter that contains the same information as the original. Mirror sites are set up for backup and disaster recovery as well as to balance the traffic load for numerous download requests on the Web. Such "download mirrors" are often placed in different locations throughout the Internet.

Hopefully Not a Real Mirror
It is common to use the term mirror to refer to an exact copy of data; however, a real mirror reverses characters. Stand in front of a mirror with some text on a T-shirt, and you find the letters reversed. Thus a mirror image of data is a technical misnomer, but all is fair in love and technology. See RAID and disaster recovery.
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With the recent local installation of the mirror site this will be done locally, improving access time and accessibility.
mirror site, NCSC joins Switzerland, Australia, Canada, China, Korea, and Taiwan in providing distributed data services to a world-wide user community.
SGI will also provide media streaming on its mirror site using SGI(TM) MediaBase software and an SGI(TM) Origin(TM) 2000 server.
A mirror site of the first iBasis NOC, located at the company's US headquarters in Massachusetts, the Hong Kong NOC will help iBasis further scale its services and increase utilization on The iBasis Network, the global Internet telephony service infrastructure for many of the world's largest carriers.
The lawsuit alleges Altuve updates the DT Rate on the website often several times daily and directs or helps direct the DT Site's movement to mirror sites in order to evade attempts by Venezuela to block it from view in that country.
As well as DDoS attacks, Anonymous is helping to create hundreds of mirror sites for WikiLeaks, allowing users to continue to access the website's content via a different server.
site, and there have been mirror sites set up to host its content after
These mirror sites are the online equivalent of the cell structures that are adopted by terrorist groups to guard against infiltration or discovery.
Moods by Design has more than 500 products which can be viewed on-line, and the House and Home publication classed the website as in the top 10 of the UK's mirror sites.
Also identified and deleted, by checking exact lengthy character strings, are mirror sites.
Content includes information on the role of law libraries in the planning for distance learning, web mirror sites, access v.
Instead of only connecting to one URL, it searches for mirror sites and connects to up to four of those as well, so increasing the speed.