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By communicating through a satellite instead of directly with mission control, it took more time for the astronauts to complete their mission
By keeping consumers involved, Mission Control greatly increased customer loyalty building excitement by encouraging fans to easily correspond with travel agents through the social media sites as well as their own forums and blogs.
Copy and cut out a set of instruction cards and "cheat sheet" (below) for each team's mission control.
Scientists at mission control applauded and hugged each other at news of the impact.
Mission Control later blamed a faulty onboard instrument for the noise.
A BEHIND-THE-SCENES tour of Nasa's mission control and the Kennedy Space Centre proved to be an out-ofthis-world experience for a group of teenagers.
Professor Andre Balogh said if Russian mission control permanently lost radio contact with the 15-year-old station it would lead to the massive craft crashing to earth in a huge fireball.
In less than a year we've added eight brands to our new Mission Control social media service.
Contract notice: Mission control functioning of existing sewerage facilities.
On June 16 and 17, news outlets can document the shuttle crew and mission control teams during their training exercises.
Russian Oleg Kotov, NASA's Timothy Creamer and Japan's Soichi Noguchi arrived near the town of Zhezkazgan as planned, at 0725 Moscow time (0325 GMT), Russia's Mission Control outside Moscow said.
to design, build and demonstrate full-scale aircraft and mission control elements.

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