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a member of a religious mission


Aubrey, Father
converts savages to Christianity. [Fr. Lit.: Atala]
Boniface, St.
missionary to the German infidels in 8th century. [Christian Hagiog.: Brewster, 271]
Davidson, Rev. Alfred
attempts to convert Sadie Thompson to religion but ends up seducing her. [Br. Lit.: “Miss Thompson” in Benét, 675; Am. Cinema: “Rain” in Halliwell, 593]
Latour and Vaillant, Fathers
priests establish a diocese in New Mexico. [Am. Lit.: Cather Death Comes for the Archbishop in Magill I, 199]
Livingstone, David
(1813–1873) explorer and missionary in Africa. [Br. Hist.: NCE, 1596]
Patrick, St.
(c. 385–461) early missionary to and patron saint of Ireland. [Christian Hagiog.: Brewster, 138]
Salvation Army
international religious organization known for its charitable and missionary work. [Christian Rel.: NCE, 2408–2409]
Society of Jesus
Roman Catholic religious order distinguished in foreign missions. [Christian Hist.: NCE, 1412]
Xavier, St. Francis
indefatigable pioneer converter of East Indies. [Christian Hagiog.: Attwater, 141–142]
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Psychologically the missionaries interviewed were characterized by tension and anxiety before and after their expulsion, which was related to worries about the possible exposure of their missionary identity in their respective countries of service.
The literature demonstrates chat effective member care decreases missionary attrition rates and improves the quality of life for missionaries (Andrews, 1999; Hay, Lim, Blocher, Ketelaar, & Hay, 2007; Rosik et al.
What does this have to do with the LDS missionary program?
The shorter Part I provides the background context of the Irish missionary movement and, to some extent, the contextual framework of the book.
Moreover, the democratic nature of the presbyterial structure was a model for the Coptic Majlis al-Milli which gave lay people a role in church affairs, and the philanthropic bent of missionary work helped set the foundation for the Coptic Church's social welfare programs.
As an observer, Morgan showed very little interest in understanding Maori culture or religion, except where it impacted on his own missionary work.
Rui Kohiyama and Barbara Reeves-Ellington in their respective chapters note how Japanese and Bulgarian female converts appropriated missionary discourses of gendered emancipation for their own individual and nationalist agendas.
This summary of the need for effective missionary screening tools should not be construed to mean that no assessment batteries are currently in use.
He will be following in the footsteps of his brother, who is already a serving missionary in Scotland.
Each missionary has a story and those stories deserve to be told, but, more, they should be heard.
As a precaution for consistency, Johnston confines her study to writing produced by missionaries sent out by the London Missionary Society, the nondenominational society that sent out more missionaries in the first half of the century than any other society.
At Saint Thomas Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, financial secretary Dorthy Madison said the church considered it a ``love offering'' when it contributed $1,000 to Parks' run for mayor and didn't know it was violating tax law.

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