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see fogfog,
aggregation of water droplets or ice crystals immediately above the surface of the earth (i.e., a cloud near the ground). A light or thin fog is usually called a mist. Fog may occur when the moisture content of the air is increased beyond the saturation point.
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(pop culture)

In Bram Stoker‘s Dracula, Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, the vampire authority, suggested that vampires could transform into a mist, although their ability to travel very far in this form was quite limited. Dracula adopted this form to conceal himself on the ship Demeter while traveling to England. In this form, he could move with ease in and out of the box in which he rested. Van Helsing, acknowledging this ability, sealed the door of the vault of the vampirized Lucy Westenra‘s resting place with a putty containing flakes of a eucharistic wafer so not the tiniest space was left for her to escape. He later sealed the door to Castle Dracula in a similar manner.

Dracula’s primary appearances in the form of mist were during his attacks on Mina Murray. In Murray’s record of the first attack, she noted that she saw a thin streak of white mist that moved across the lawn. It seemed to have a sentience and vitality all its own. The mist started to move into the room, not through the window, but through the joinings of the door. The mist concentrated into a cloud out of which Dracula emerged. Several days later, when the men finally figured out that Murray was under attack, they went to her room and found her drinking Dracula’s blood. They moved toward him with crucifixes in hand, but he turned back into mist and disappeared under the door.

The idea of the vampire transforming into mist was a minor concept in folklore, but it was occasionally mentioned as a logical means for the vampire to leave and return from the grave without disturbing the topsoil that covered the coffin. The idea of such a transformation was often made when small holes apparently leading downward to the coffin lid appeared on the top of the grave.

In a famous moment from the fifth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy staked Dracula and then apparently left his Sunnydale lair. After a moment, Dracula began to reform from a mist. Buffy then quickly reentered the scene to stake him a second time, noting that she was aware of Dracula’s ability to revive from mist because she had watched him do this in the movies.

What does it mean when you dream about mist?

Mist or fog can symbolize a confused state of mind, as well as the desire to see things more clearly.


(fluid mechanics)
Fine liquid droplets suspended in or falling through a moving or stationary gas atmosphere.
A hydrometeor consisting of an aggregate of microscopic and more or less hygroscopic water droplets suspended in the atmosphere; it produces, generally, a thin, grayish veil over the landscape; it reduces visibility to a lesser extent than fog; the relative humidity with mist is often less than 95.


The condition in which the horizontal visibility at the surface of the earth is between 3000 and 10,000 ft (1–3 km) because of suspended water droplets or ice crystals in the air. The relative humidity in mist is between 95 and 100%.


1. a thin fog resulting from condensation in the air near the earth's surface
2. Meteorol such an atmospheric condition with a horizontal visibility of 1--2 kilometres
3. Chem a colloidal suspension of a liquid in a gas
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The effect of the broken branch floating mistily in reflected water is both aesthetically pleasing and challenging to the eye and thought.
My aim is nothing so mistily subjective as to "experience poverty" or find out how it "really feels" to be a long-term low-wage worker.
The microcosmic languor of the landscape is dramatic, partly because of Eiko and Koma's spectacularly successful collaboration with the Kronos Quartet (playing onstage) and composer Somei Satoh, whose mistily pining tones ebbed toward a resolution poignantly never meant to occur.
You don't have to listen to the words Harry (above) comes out with whenever he's asked if he'd like to manage his country, you just see the patriotic tear forming in his eyes as he dreams mistily of this headline on the morning of the 2014 World Cup Final: "Cry God for Harry, England and St Wayne.
We call it the Edwardian era, that period when Edward VII reigned through what's mistily remembered as Britain's Golden Age, an endless summer when Britannia ruled the waves, when it was a matter of faith that God was an Englishman and the Empire was for ever.
When I left at last and I went to sea, A lump was in my throat, I watched her fade all mistily, God bless the dear old boat, And dear to the hearts of her sons is she, For she made us, displayed us, on fighters and traders, Every rover, all over, from Chile to Dover Sings, `The Conway's the one ship for you and for me
The recent debasement of the place is a central concern for which Ryder carries some unidentifiable responsibility; people are forever expressing the most absurd gratitude to him merely for arriving, as if this piano recital marks some inexplicable, mistily historic moment of return to glories past.
Yet to this day, when the memory of Hereford's feat is mentioned in his company, strangers remark mistily "ah yes, Ronnie Radford", before asking George: "Did you play that day?
Yet Dixon, immortalised by Jack Warner, is mistily remembered as a symbol of a sort of golden age of policing, the kind of Plod we'd all like to see marching majestically down our street instead of an armour-plated patrolmen looking like something out of Blade Runner.
In other works such as the Ailsa Craig series, the west coast light is all mistily bright and washed out and mellow and pastel, there is a salty bite in the air, a child-like tanker bobs around somewhere out near the mysterious island, everything is fluid and rhythmic.