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Congenital blood cysts of the heart valves are mostly seen on tricuspid and mitral valves of fetuses and infants.
SAM-systolic anterior motion of the anterior mitral valve leaflet post-surgical mitral valve repair.
Surgical repair of the mitral valve always aims for restoration of normal anatomy of the whole mitral valvular complex including mitral valve leaflets, valve ring, and subvalvular apparatus.
I am aware that robot-assisted surgery of the mitral valve is not routinely done in most cities.
Isolation of Bartonella washoensis from a dog with mitral valve endocarditis.
The effect of the cardiac support device in patients without mitral valve repair was very similar to the results seen in the entire study.
4) We report a case of nanobacteria associated mitral valve calciphylaxis in a uremic diabetic patient.
In the new procedure, the malfunctioning mitral valve is replaced with the patient's own pulmonary valve taken from the less stressed right side of the heart.
Ortner's syndrome in association with mitral valve prolapse.
MVP is also called floppy valve syndrome, Barlow's or Reid-Barlow's syndrome, ballooning mitral valve, midsystolic-click-late systolic murmur syndrome, or click murmur syndrome.
MiCardia Corporation announced today it has received notification that a new German reimbursement code has been approved for the adjustment of the Company's enCor SQ Mitral Valve Repair System(TM).

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