mix design

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The selection of proportions of ingredients for mortar or concrete to make the most economical use of available materials to produce mortar or concrete of the required properties.
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The calorimetry shall contain provisions for performing mix design and sulfate optimization, determining setting time behaviour, studying mixtures under high temperature ( 500 C), shotcreting and other field testing s vi.
The mix design that was used in this project was a flexural strength mix with Envirocore portland-limestone, which allowed for a more consistent concrete bath and better platform for the concrete paver.
Omar al-Azzawi, a Masters student in the project team, claimed that using the mix design specified in the research will reduce the concrete final setting time by 48%.
A special mix design of 5,000 PSI concrete yields a very high early strength.
The third step was the concrete mix design, where the students produced concrete with low density and strong in compression and tension.
Untrained personnel pumping the wrong mix design into an expensive underground casing can be a very expensive mistake.
Engineered concrete; mix design and test methods, 2d ed.
Evidence from a variety of real-world applications indicates that proper mix design, material processing, and production best practices can create high-quality durable mixtures with higher RAP percentages.
of Port Chester, claimed they performed mix design tests--a process required by New York Building Code to calculate the strength of specific concrete batches--when in fact they had not, according to the New York County District Attorney's Office.
The iCrete System, a mix design and quality solution for concrete producers, is transforming the way ready mixed and precast concrete is designed, produced and used worldwide.
iCrete Global 100 is the first mix design that can meet all industry and governmental standards worldwide, while saving nations around the world billions in construction spending.
The department reduces the amount of liquid asphalt in a mix design by 20 to 25 percent by using recycled shingles, according to the report.