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Early cocktail pioneers used BACARDI as a key ingredient because it was so mixable.
People then searched out more mixable gins to rejuvenate the industry.
Mixable with water, juice and/or other beverages, EQ does not require refrigeration and is an excellent pick-me-up for every occasion," Owens continued.
VEEV, now designated as a Neutral Spirit, is similar to a vodka but crafted to be a more versatile and mixable spirit that reinforces VEEV as A Better Way To Drink(TM).
A truly versatile system, it offers eight mixable PGM outputs and four scaled Aux outputs for full show control with a single box.
HAMILTON, Bermuda, July 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Bacardi, the company that revolutionized the spirits world in 1862 with the creation of the world's first smooth, light bodied, mixable rum--BACARDI--builds on its 150-year legacy of innovation with new category entries, new premium spirits with unique tastes, and fresh ways to enjoy great-tasting spirits and cocktails.
Though some purists may scoff, flavored whiskeys are connecting with new consumers as approachable and mixable.
Hennessy Black is intended to be a highly versatile, mixable spirit, and the brand is featuring a variety of new drink recipes made with Hennessy Black.
As well as having been aged nearly four times more than is required by low, the 40% abv drink is also said to be as versatile and mixable as vodka.
Drink cocktails, known as Hornitails, illustrate how mixable and versatile tequila is as a spirit.