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mobile platform

The hardware/software environment for laptops, tablets, smartphones and other portable devices. Windows and Mac dominate the laptop world, with Linux a distant third. While iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) rule the smartphone universe, tablet platforms are iOS (Apple), Android (Google) and Windows (Microsoft). See iOS, Android and Windows tablet.

Mobile Hardware
Laptop computers use x86-based CPUs; however, smartphones and non-Windows tablets employ ARM processors. For example, Apple's A series, NVIDIA's Tegra, Qualcomm's Snapdragon, Texas Instrument's OMAP and Samsung's Exynos chips are all based on ARM chips.

Initially used for netbooks, Intel's x86-based Atom CPU migrated to the tablet arena. See Intel Atom, ARM chips, mobile compatibility, mobile device vendor control and platform.
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ARM has done an admirable job of improving the performance of its mobile CPUs over the years, and the Snapdragon 845 is another Qualcomm SoC based on a bog-standard Cortex-A CPU rather than Qualcomm's own implementation of a custom architecture.
The newest addition to its CPU lineup is theRyzen 3 Mobile CPUs.
There is high-efficiency blade engineered to handle the powerful combination of Intel's 6 quad core mobile CPUs and NVIDIA's GetForce GTX 960M discrete graphics with 4 GB GDDRS memory.
Despite being a dual-core set up, Denver, according to NVIDIA, "can attain significantly higher performance than existing four- to eight-core mobile CPUs on most mobile workloads.
Toshiba has developed a low-power, high-speed version of MRAM memory that it says can cut power consumption in mobile CPUs by two-thirds.
Five years ago, in December 2006, I wrote a blog outlining how new high performance mobile CPUs being announced by Qualcomm together with future high resolution screens coming to smartphones, that for many users and for many applications a smartphone could be a substitute for a laptop - with the exception of the keyboard and the screen size.
Shipments for mobile CPUs -- including laptop and netbook chips -- grew by more than 22 percent compared to last year.
Leading Embedded Virtualization Platform to Support Range of Use Cases for Multicore Mobile CPUs
Improvements in mobile CPUs have made super-thin laptops much faster than they once were, but what if that's not enough?
And if mobile CPUs will sport 48 cores, what will happen to desktop processors?
Users can choose from the latest Intel[R] core i5 and i7 mobile CPUs and customize nearly every other facet of their 3D notebook, including the addition solid state drives, custom paint, and up to 8GBs of superfast 1333mhz DDR3 ram.
More than half of available models feature Intel mobile CPUs.

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